Solid White Oak Hardwood Floors – Essential Benefits and Design Ideas

Do you want to buy oak hardwood floors for your home?

Interior design trends come and go. But some timeless elements last forever White oak flooring is one such trend.

These planks can offer a sturdy foundation for your home. In addition, modern homeowners experiment with creative accents and new trends to get the most out of their oak hardwood floors.

What is White Oak Flooring?

Nothing compares to hardwood floors when it comes to giving your living space a classy feel. But do you know that oak floors are available in two different kinds?

  • Red oak

  • White oak

Sticking to the species of oak you already have is a great idea when renovating your home. However, white oak offers more benefits if you work with a blank canvas. Ironically, it is darker than red oak and has warm tones of brown and yellow and a smooth grain.

Benefits of White Oak Hardwood Floors

Here are some benefits of using white oak hardwood floors for your home décor:

1. White Oak Looks Contemporary

White oak seems more contemporary and less traditional. That’s because it has less graining than red oak, and the growth rings are closely spaced. That results in smoother and more uniform graining. In addition, it has more mineral streaks, which makes it slightly more linear in pattern, giving it a more modern look.

2. White Oak Hardwood is More Durable

White oak is harder than red oak. That makes it more resistant to dents and cracks. Note that scratching is unaffected by this because it depends on the kind of finish or polyurethane.

3. Resistant to Spills and Stains

There are better choices than redwood for kitchen flooring. White oak has a tight grain and many tylose-filled pores, which increase its resistance to moisture and rot. Because these places are more exposed to water, white oaks are also popularly used in constructing boats and the saddles and jambs of front doors.

Although your oak floors may not be completely waterproof, they’ll withstand spills better than most other floor types. For that reason, white oak is frequently used for exterior door hardware and flooring in boats.

4. They Make Your Living Space Appear Larger

White oak has a distinctive character and a clean grain. That helps it blend in nicely with contemporary décor and makes your rooms look bigger if done right.

White oak’s sap line frequently follows a straight, long path that draws attention over the entire plank. How you arrange your planks might make your rooms appear longer, bigger, or both. This flooring is the one to choose if you want it to complement a compact space.

5. It’s Budget-Friendly

Choosing white oak flooring can result in significant cost savings because oak is one of the most prevalent types of wood available. Although extra-wide boards are more expensive, there is little difference in pricing between red and white oak when comparing narrow strips.

White Oak Flooring Design Ideas

1. Contemporary Wide Plank

The wider oak plank variety is sanded smooth and given a whitewash finish. Such a design is perfect for commercial settings.

2. Rustic Grain

The grain becomes more prominent when it is antiqued or brushed. Hence you get a beautiful rustic design.

3. Natural Colour

Traditional white oak has the natural color of the wood to shine, which looks beautiful and elegant.

Buy White Oak Flooring for your Space

There are only so many wood flooring solutions as adaptable and robust as white oak hardwood floors. Cheap hardwood flooring gives a great affordable solution to give your home or commercial space a unique look.

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