Wood Flooring Design Ideas to Choose From

Working with natural materials like wood is still a hot trend in interior design. That’s because wood is timeless, elegant, and incredibly affordable.

For decades, wood flooring ideas have provided a lovely foundation for homes worldwide.

This guide will offer some of the best wood flooring design ideas trending this year.

What is Hardwood Flooring?

In many homes and workplaces, hardwood flooring is the go-to flooring solution. But sometimes, it is hard to pick the ideal form of wood flooring to go with your interior design. That’s because every type of wood has different qualities.

You want to select a flooring type that complements your interior design and lifestyle. There is the right type of flooring design for every room in the house, from the foyer to the dining room and the backdoor.

Wood Flooring Design Ideas

Hardwood floors come in a variety of looks and styles. However, not all wood floors are the same. Ensuring that the wood floors are precision milled under industry standards is crucial. That way, they can withstand heavy foot traffic and remain the same for years.

1. Traditional White Oak

American white oak is a popular commodity in the hardwood flooring and wood industry. This type of wood is sturdy and guarantees an excellent durable floor for all areas. In addition, Oak makes a fantastic foundation for either a dark wood floor or a floor with a natural finish. A white oak floor will work well in residential remodeling projects and commercial designs in various flooring trends.

2. Reclaimed Rustic Oak

Another popular flooring design idea in 2022 is reclaimed rustic oak. This flooring blends white and red oak while maintaining the original saw marks and antique patina on the plank face. This flooring idea often comes to mind when considering timeless and durable floors. The wood planks are durable enough to last for years and can be milled narrow or wide. You can choose reclaimed rustic oak hardwood floors for commercial and residential properties.

3. Hard-Wearing Solid Wood

Whether you want to build a mid-century modern style with wooden flooring in a new property or have original, solid wood flooring in one area of your home and carry this design in other places, solid wood flooring may add an organic and genuine appeal.

While solid wood is not the most affordable flooring option, it is strong and durable. Investing in a solid wood design gives your flooring a timeless permanence and enlivens the room with character, texture, and warmth.

There is now a wide variety of solid wood flooring patterns that can easily integrate into homes of various ages and styles, so solid wood flooring is no longer confined to older residences.

4. Engineered Wood Flooring

Multi-layered construction results in engineered timber planks. The base comprises many layers of plywood, while the top is a lovely, ornate piece of natural wood. Combining these two materials yields a robust, long-lasting design that produces the same lovely impression as solid wood after installation. However, it has more strength and endurance underneath.

The popularity of engineered wood is mainly due to its adaptability; you can install it practically anywhere. In addition, this type of flooring can tolerate variations in humidity and temperature. That makes it perfect for usage throughout the house and in spaces with underfloor heating.

5. Modern Wood Floor Designs

Modern wood flooring complements your interior and offers a pleasant contrast to classic wood floor designs. Modern wood floors add warmth to your living spaces, particularly kitchens, often furnished with smooth, harsh surfaces. Add drama with contemporary cabinet selections, sleek hardware, and lighting in areas emphasizing clean lines.

Final Thoughts

Hardwood floor designs can create your ideal space, be it your home or any commercial space. If you want to buy hardwood floor online, check out our store for various products.

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