Bostik - STIX A 340- 14 KG

Coverage 235-470sf

Note: This item is non-refundable and cannot be returned if frozen during transport.

Bostik STIX A340 - Versatile 14 KG Adhesive  

Introducing Bostik STIX A340, a high-performance adhesive available in a convenient 14 KG format. This versatile adhesive is formulated for use with sheet and tile forms, making it suitable for both homogeneous and heterogeneous flooring applications. Specifically designed for semi-flexible tiles, cushion-backed vinyl, and certain textile floor coverings, Bostik STIX A340 offers a reliable bonding solution for a variety of flooring materials.

With its advanced formulation, this adhesive provides strong adhesion, ensuring a secure and durable bond between the flooring and the substrate. Whether you are working with homogeneous or heterogeneous flooring or semi-flexible tiles, Bostik STIX A340 is engineered to deliver exceptional results.

This adhesive is well-suited for a range of flooring projects, offering the flexibility needed for various applications. Trust in the performance of Bostik STIX A340 for your flooring installations, providing a dependable and efficient solution for achieving professional and lasting results.