Bostik - STIX A 50- 22 KG

Coverage 365-730sf

Note: This item is non-refundable and cannot be returned if frozen during transport.

Bostik STIX A50 - Versatile 22 KG Adhesive

Introducing Bostik STIX A50, a high-quality adhesive available in a generous 22 KG format. This versatile adhesive is designed for use with sheet and tile forms, making it suitable for both homogeneous and heterogeneous flooring applications.


Specifically engineered for semi-flexible tiles, cushion-backed vinyl, and certain textile floor coverings, Bostik STIX A50 offers a reliable bonding solution for a diverse range of flooring materials. Bostik STIX A50 excels in providing a strong and durable bond between the flooring and the substrate, ensuring stability and longevity in your flooring installations. Whether you are working with homogeneous or heterogeneous flooring or semi-flexible tiles, this adhesive is formulated to deliver outstanding performance.


This adhesive is well-suited for various flooring projects, offering flexibility and versatility for different applications. Trust in the efficiency and reliability of Bostik STIX A50 to achieve professional and lasting results in your flooring installations.