BOSTIK - Wood H180 Class - 17 KG

Coverage 150-225sf

Note: This item is non-refundable and cannot be returned if frozen during transport.

Bostik Wood H180 Class - 17 KG Adhesive: Versatile Bonding for Most Wood Types and Flooring Surfaces


Introducing Bostik Wood H180 Class, a robust 17 KG adhesive designed for versatile wood flooring applications. With coverage ranging from 150 to 225 square feet, this adhesive is suitable for a wide range of wood types, including wood block, wood mosaic panels, strip parquet, engineered wood flooring, and solid wood floors up to 180mm wide.

Bostik Wood H180 Class provides exceptional bonding capabilities, allowing for secure installation onto various surfaces such as concrete, wood, metal decking, ceramic tiles, and anhydrite screed. Its versatility makes it a reliable choice for different wood flooring projects, ensuring stability and durability.

Please note that while this adhesive is compatible with most wood types, it is not suitable for use with solid beech. Choose Bostik Wood H180 Class for a high-quality adhesive that delivers strong and dependable bonds across a variety of wood flooring applications, enhancing the longevity and resilience of your installations.