Bostik - Wood H200 Elast - 17 KG

Coverage 150-225sf

Note: This item is non-refundable and cannot be returned if frozen during transport.

Bostik WOOD H200 ELAST - Premium 17 KG Adhesive for Versatile Wood Flooring Applications

Introducing Bostik WOOD H200 ELAST, a premium adhesive available in a practical 17 KG package. This exceptional adhesive is specially formulated for a range of applications, including unfinished or varnished solid wood floors up to 200mm wide. Whether you're working with bonded floors of all sizes, edge-grain wood, end-grain wood, or any wood species, including beech and exotic woods, Bostik WOOD H200 ELAST is the go-to solution for professional and reliable bonding.

This adhesive provides a strong and resilient bond, ensuring the stability and longevity of your wood floor installations. With coverage ranging from 150 to 225 square feet, Bostik WOOD H200 ELAST offers an efficient and cost-effective solution for various wood flooring projects.

Choose Bostik WOOD H200 ELAST for its versatility and superior performance, making it an ideal adhesive for a wide range of wood flooring applications. Achieve exceptional results in bonding and securing unfinished or varnished solid wood floors with this reliable and high-quality adhesive.