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Haven: A Sanctuary of Style and Durability Discover the Serenity of Haven The Haven from Cyrus Floors’ SupremeWood Collection encapsulates the essence of tranquility and enduring elegance, setting a new...

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Haven: A Sanctuary of Style and Durability

The Haven from Cyrus Floors’ SupremeWood Collection encapsulates the essence of tranquility and enduring elegance, setting a new benchmark for luxurious living. This laminate flooring melds the soothing allure of nature with advanced engineering to create a peaceful retreat within your home. Embossed-in-register technology ensures that each 59.6-inch-long and 9.37-inch-wide plank offers an authentic wood feel, inviting the calmness and sophistication of a secluded haven into your spaces. The planks’ substantial 12 mm thickness reaffirms the commitment to creating a stable, durable foundation that resounds with every step.

Haven represents the zenith of the SupremeWood Collection’s commitment to blending exquisite aesthetics with practical, long-lasting utility. The sophistication of the painted bevel edges enhances the visual flow across your floor, ensuring a uniform, seamless expanse that complements any décor. The revolutionary Uniclick click lock system is a testament to the ease and security of installation, empowering homeowners to effortlessly transform their living areas into spaces of refined solace. Weighing in at 51 pounds per box, with 52 boxes per skid, Haven offers both significant coverage and ease of handling, embodying the ideal balance between elegance and efficiency.

Boasting an impressive AC 5 durability rating, Haven is adept at withstanding the rigors of daily life in both bustling commercial spaces and serene residential settings. Its water resistance up to 500 hours provides a safeguard against the unexpected, preserving Haven's exquisite beauty against spills and moisture. The subtle matt finish on each plank enhances the flooring’s natural appeal, ensuring that the light reflects softly, further contributing to an atmosphere of restful elegance.

Backed by a 10-year commercial warranty, a lifetime residential structural warranty, and a 50-year residential finish warranty,  from Cyrus Floors is more than just a flooring choice—it’s an investment in creating a lasting sanctuary that blends the tranquility of nature with the resilience of modern design.

Product Specifications
  • Brand: HTBC
  • Country of Origin: China
  • Product Surface: Embossed in Register
  • Product Length: 59.6"
  • Product Width: 9.37"
  • Thickness: 12 mm
  • Packaging Dimension: Length 51" - Height 3.4" - width 9.8"
  • AC Durability Rating: AC 5
  • Waterproof: Water Resistance
  • Edge Type: Painted Bevel
  • Weight Per Box: 51 lb
  • Boxes per Skid: 52
  • Installation Type: Click
  • Click Lock Type: Uniclick
  • Water Resistant Hours: 500 Hours
  • Gloss Level: Matt
  • Certification Floor Score: Floor Score
  • Commercial Warranty: 10 Year Commercial Warranty
  • Residential Structural Warranty: Life Time Warranty
  • Residential Finish Warranty: 50-year Residential Warranty
  • Radiant Heat Compatibility: Approved

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