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Wakita: Harmony in Every Plank Step into the Serenity of Wakita Wakita, a crown jewel in the Home's Pro Madrid Collection, epitomizes the balance between tranquility and enduring elegance. This...

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Wakita: Harmony in Every Plank

Wakita, a crown jewel in the Home's Pro Madrid Collection, epitomizes the balance between tranquility and enduring elegance. This laminate flooring, with its Embossed in Register (EIR) surface, mirrors the intricate subtleties of real wood, inviting an essence of calm sophistication into every room it graces. The generous proportions of each plank, at 48 inches in length and 7.68 inches in width, serve not just as a foundation but as a statement of expansive beauty. Its 12 mm thickness reinforces Wakita's presence, offering not just a visual delight but a tangible sense of reliability and quality.

In Wakita, the Madrid Collection achieves a perfect harmony of aesthetic allure and technological innovation. Each plank's painted-bevel edges create a seamless integration, enhancing the room's unity and flow. The integration of the Uniclick click lock system attests to the simplicity and efficiency of installing Wakita, making the transformation of any space a seamless endeavor. Weighing 45 grams per box, with 50 boxes neatly organized per skid, Wakita is prepared to fulfill the demands of both comprehensive renovations and boutique projects alike.

Boasting an AC 4 durability rating, Wakita is resilient enough to thrive in the dynamic atmosphere of both homes and businesses, all while maintaining its serene and inviting appeal. With water resistance for up to 72 hours, this flooring stands ready to resist the rigors of everyday life, ensuring that its beauty is as lasting as its construction. Certified with a Floor Score and compatible with radiant heating systems, Wakita not only promises aesthetic enhancement but also commits to the well-being and comfort of its inhabitants.

Choosing  from the Madrid Collection is a testament to prioritizing spaces that resonate with both beauty and function, ensuring every step taken at home or work is accompanied by the reassuring blend of harmony and strength.

Product Specifications
  • Brand: Home's Pro
  • Country of Origin: China
  • Product Surface: Embossed in Register (EIR)
  • Product Length: 48"
  • Product Width: 7.68"
  • Thickness: 12 mm
  • Packaging Dimension: Length48.6"-Height 3.9"-width 8.2"
  • AC Durability Rating: AC 4
  • Waterproof: Water resistance
  • Edge Type: Painted-bevelled
  • Weight Per Box: 45 g
  • Boxes per Skid: 50
  • Installation Type: Click
  • Water Resistant Hours: 72 Hours
  • Certification Floor Score: Floor Score
  • Radiant Heat Compatibility: Approved

  • Detail Specification File:
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