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Acoustic Oak Veneer

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Embark on a journey of aesthetic refinement with our Acoustic Oak Veneer Wood Wall Panel Collection, now featuring the distinctive Pickled Oak (Color VMP114-T),

Immerse your surroundings in the subtle allure of these slender yet resilient panels, intricately designed to seamlessly blend acoustic prowess with contemporary elegance.

Discover the timeless charm of Pickled Oak Wood Wall Panels, meticulously fashioned from Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) embellished with a distinctive Wood Veneer finish. These panels, with a sleek width of 23.8" and an impressive length of 96", redefine your walls with a harmonious fusion of visual finesse and acoustic excellence.

Delight in the artistic allure of each panel, thoughtfully curated with the unique tones of Pickled Oak, creating a captivating visual impact. Our collection presents 4 panels per box, housing 20 individual boards per panel, ensuring expansive coverage for your design aspirations. The carton, considerately sized at 96.6" x 3.8" x 24.6", guarantees convenient storage and seamless transportation, facilitating an effortless installation process.

Rest assured with our standard 5-year warranty, a testament to the enduring quality of our Pickled Oak Wood Wall Panels. Rigorously tested and certified by CE and SGS, these panels strictly adhere to industry standards, providing a reliable solution for your peace of mind.

Classified as Class B under ISO 11654:1997 standards, our Wood Wall Panels in Pickled Oak showcase remarkable results in noise reduction and sound absorption, fostering an ambiance of tranquility and comfort. Moreover, the panels exhibit superior dimensional stability and resilience to moisture, ensuring steadfast durability against temperature changes.

Envelop your space in the distinctive allure of Pickled Oak, a color that brings a touch of uniqueness and sophistication suitable for various settings. Elevate your interiors with the refined charm of our Pickled Oak Wood Wall Panels, the ideal choice for achieving both aesthetic distinction and acoustic excellence. Redefine your living environment with the captivating charm of our Wood Wall Panels, introducing a transformative impact to your space.

Product Specifications
  • Product Length: 96"
  • Product Width: 23.8"
  • Packaging Dimension: Length 96.6” x Thickness3.8” x Wide 24.6”
  • Total Thickness: 21 mm
  • Residential Finish Warranty: 5 Years

  • Installation Guide:
  • Detail Specification File:
  • Product Warranty File:
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