Johnsonite Millwork Wall Finishing System - Mandalay 3” - Wallbase 8' (Pack of 7)

Thermoplastic Rubber - Color White


Enhance Your Space with johnsonite's Rusty Nail Millwork Wall Finishing System – Elegant, Durable, and Eco-friendly

Introducing the Millwork Wall Finishing System from Johnsonite, an exemplary choice for sophisticated yet practical wall solutions. The "MW TA7 H3 Mandalay 3"" TA7 Rusty Nail" design is a standout, offering a deep, rich beige color known as Rusty Nail (Color Number TA7). This color tone is classified as dark, bringing warmth and elegance to any space.

Crafted from high-quality Thermoplastic Rubber, this product combines durability with sleek aesthetics. It is designed to resist common chemical exposures as per ASTM F 925 standards, ensuring long-lasting performance. The dimensional stability under light exposure is rated at ΔE ≤ 8.0, according to ASTM F1515, preserving the visual integrity of your installation.

The Millwork Wall Finishing System panels are FloorScore Certified, adhering to strict indoor air quality emissions standards with a TVOC emission of ≤ 100 µg / m³. Additionally, they boast a Class 1 rating in flammability tests (Flooring Panel Radiant, ASTM E 648), providing safety alongside style.

Each panel measures 3 inches in height, 96 inches in length, and has a thickness of 9.525 mm, offering substantial coverage with an elegant profile. The product is also environmentally conscious, incorporating 14% recycled production waste and is free from phthalates, enhancing its ecological appeal.

Whether upgrading a commercial space or adding a touch of class to a residential area, Johnsonite's Millwork Wall Finishing System provides both aesthetic appeal and unmatched performance.

Product Specifications
  • Brand: Johnsonite
  • Product Length: 8'
  • Product Width: 3"
  • Thickness: 9.525 mm