Opus Floor-Maestro Plus Collection-Marlee Plus

WPC - 100% Waterproof

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Experience Elegance with Opus Floor-Maestro Plus Collection

Unveiling the Perfect Balance of Durability and Style

When it comes to transforming your home into a haven of beauty and comfort, the Opus Floor-Maestro Plus Collection truly stands out. Crafted with the utmost precision and designed to enhance any space, this premium flooring solution encompasses the perfect balance of durability and style. Let's delve into the awe-inspiring features that make the Marlee Plus variant from this collection an absolute must-have for homeowners seeking a bespoke flooring experience.

Awe-Inspiring Aesthetics that Dazzle

Step into a realm of captivating beauty with the Marlee Plus variant from the Opus Floor-Maestro Plus Collection. Its stunning design, reminiscent of natural hardwood, adds an authentic touch of elegance to any room. The rich and warm tones of the Marlee Plus give your space a timeless appeal, creating an inviting atmosphere that entices guests and family members alike. But it's not only about the visual charm. This flooring gem is meticulously engineered to withstand the test of time without compromising on its aesthetic appeal. Thanks to the durable wear layer, the Marlee Plus variant exhibits exceptional resistance to scratches, stains, and fading, allowing your floors to maintain their flawless elegance for years to come.

Unparalleled Performance for Everyday Living

Opus Floor-Maestro Plus Collection's Marlee Plus is not only about looks; it also delivers outstanding performance to meet the demands of your everyday life. Designed with a focus on versatility, this flooring solution ensures a robust and reliable foundation for your home. The Marlee Plus variant boasts a highly resilient core that can withstand heavy foot traffic, making it a perfect choice for high-traffic areas such as corridors, living rooms, and kitchens. Its waterproof construction provides a safeguard against spills and moisture, ensuring that your flooring remains intact and easy to clean. Furthermore, the Marlee Plus variant offers exceptional sound dampening properties. No need to worry about noisy footsteps echoing through your home; this flooring effectively reduces sound transfer, providing a quieter and more peaceful living environment.

Transform Your Space with Opus Floor-Maestro Plus Collection - Marlee Plus

In conclusion, the Opus Floor-Maestro Plus Collection's Marlee Plus variant is a testament to the fusion of artistry and functionality. Designed to cater to homeowners who seek more than just ordinary flooring, this collection promises to unveil the secrets of elegance and durability. With its stunning aesthetics, unparalleled performance, and remarkable resilience, the Marlee Plus variant delivers a flooring experience that is both captivating and enduring. So why settle for anything less when you can step into the world of Opus Floor-Maestro Plus Collection and transform your home into a masterpiece of comfort and style? Upgrade your space today with the Marlee Plus variant and embrace a new level of elegance.
Product Specifications
  • Country of Origin: China
  • Product Surface: Embossed
  • Product Length: 60"
  • Product Maximum Length: 60"
  • Product Width: 9"
  • Packaging Dimension: L: 60" W: 7" H:2.81"
  • AC Durability Rating: AC 5
  • STC Rating: 73
  • IIC Rating: 73
  • Total Thickness: 7 mm
  • Waterproof: 100% Waterproof
  • WearLayer Thickness (mm): 0.5 mm
  • Edge Type: 4 side painted bevel edge
  • Weight Per Box: 42.39 lb
  • Boxes per Skid: 48
  • Underpath Thickness: 1.5 mm
  • Installation Type: Click
  • Click Lock Type: Angel-Angel
  • Gloss Level: Matt
  • Commercial Warranty: 5Year Commercial Warranty
  • Residential Structural Warranty: 25Year Residential
  • Residential Finish Warranty (years): Life Time Warranty
  • Radiant Heat Compatibility: Approved

  • Frequently Bought Together

    Total price:$180.99

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