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100% Waterproof

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Sandcastle: A Canvas of Coastal Serenity

Sandcastle from Richmond's Coastland Collection captures the essence of a serene coastal retreat in luxury vinyl flooring form. Crafted with precision in China, this selection epitomizes the soothing calm of sandy shores and gentle tides, ideal for environments where peace and elegance prevail. Each plank measures 48 inches in length and 7 inches in width, laying a foundation of spacious serenity that enhances the aesthetic openness of any setting. The total thickness of 6 mm coupled with a 0.3 mm wear layer showcases Sandcastle’s blend of delicate beauty and robust durability, prepared to weather the daily dynamics of both home and commercial spaces.

Sandcastle within the Coastland Collection by Richmond is emblematic of flooring that doesn’t compromise beauty for resilience. Its 4-sided color-matched edges ensure seamless integration, promoting a harmonious visual flow that transcends diverse interior design schemes. Weighing 51.22 pounds per box and provided in 60 boxes per skid, Sandcastle is optimized for installation, ready to transform expansive areas and intimate spaces alike with coastal-inspired tranquility.

Fully waterproof, Sandcastle alleviates concerns over maintenance and upholds its exquisite appearance against the inevitable encounters with moisture and spills. Heightened STC and IIC ratings of 66 confirm Sandcastle’s contribution to creating a quieter, more peaceful environment, significantly reducing sound transmission. The innovative 5Gi locking system simplifies the installation process, promising a secure and enduring fit for a pristine finish. Moreover, its compatibility with water-based radiant heating systems ensures a comforting underfoot experience, making every step a reminder of the warmth and gentle embrace of the coast.

Opting for  from the Coastland Collection symbolizes more than an aesthetic decision; it reflects a desire for spaces that resonate with the gentle, restorative spirit of the seaside, underscored by advanced flooring technology.

Product Specifications
  • Brand: Richmond
  • Country of Origin: China
  • Product Length: 48"
  • Product Width: 7"
  • Packaging Dimension: L 48.66" - W 7.6" - H 2.24"
  • STC Rating: 66
  • IIC Rating: 66
  • Total Thickness: 6 mm
  • Waterproof: 100% Waterproof
  • WearLayer Thickness (mm): 0.3 mm
  • Edge Type: 4-sided color matched
  • Weight Per Box: 51.22 lb
  • Boxes per Skid: 60
  • Underpath Thickness: 1 mm
  • Installation Type: Click
  • Click Lock Type: 5Gi Locking System
  • Commercial Warranty: 5 year light commercial
  • Residential Finish Warranty: 25 year residential
  • Radiant Heat Compatibility: Approved for water based radiant heat systems

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