Välinge - Woodura Oak Nature Collection - Misty White

100% Waterproof - Made In Sweden

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Swedish Craftsmanship: Woodura Oak Hardwood Flooring in Misty WHT

Let the sheer beauty of Swedish design accentuate your living spaces with the Woodura Oak Nature collection in Misty WHT. Oak, a symbol of strength and durability, offers homeowners in Vancouver a timeless elegance that beautifully complements every room, whether it's the bedroom or the basement. The Misty WHT shade is reminiscent of foggy Vancouver mornings, making every room it graces serene and inviting. With planks stretching 86.6" in length and 8.11" in width, it’s not just a flooring but an art piece, radiating a rich legacy and the exceptional craftsmanship from the land of the Northern Lights.

A Fusion of Elegance and Endurance for Vancouver Homes

Ensuring your home is not just about aesthetics, Woodura’s Oak Nature flooring is built to last. Its Woodurd Surface Technology and matte finish reduce the footprints of daily wear and tear. Accidental spills? With its 100% waterproof feature, this hardwood flooring plank keeps the worries at bay. Diving deeper into its core, the wood-based powder layer fortifies each plank, making it a worthy addition to both residential and commercial spaces. Every click-lock plank, with its 5G Dry installation system, promises a hassle-free installation experience. As a testament to its durability, Woodura offers impressive warranties that solidify your investment, making sure every step you take on it is confident and assured.

Product Specifications
  • Brand: Woodura
  • Product Species: Oak
  • Country of Origin: Sweden
  • Product Surface: Woodurd Surface Technology-Matte
  • Product Maximum Length: 86.6"
  • Product Width: 8.11"
  • Thickness: 11.2 MM
  • Packaging Dimension: L: 86.7" W:9" H:1.76"
  • Waterproof: 100% Waterproof
  • WearLayer Thickness (mm): 0.8 mm
  • Edge Type: Micro Bevel
  • Core Type: wood-based powder layer
  • Weight Per Box: 46.84 lb
  • Boxes per Skid: 48
  • Installation Type: 5G Dry installation system
  • Click Lock Type: 5G Dry installation system
  • Manufacturers' Grade: Nature (Mix Grade)
  • Commercial Warranty: Limited 10 Year Warranty Light Commercial
  • Residential Structural Warranty: Limited lifetime warranty for structural durability
  • Residential Finish Warranty (years): Lifetime warranty for waterproofness-Lifetime warranty for residential wear resistance
  • Radiant Heat Compatibility: Approved

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